Podcast still in major construction.

• June 21st, 2008

Hello, everyone! This is Kuvera, the host of 'Infiltration', the podcast aimed toward teenage furries and furries who are new to the fandom itself! Even if you're not a newbie or even a teen, this podcast is for furs of all ages!

 Just to say (and to make at least one post here. lol.) that like the title says, this podcast is still in it's construction stage and will not make it's 1st episode debut for quite a bit. My co-host and I are still gathering up the needed podcasting equipment, the layout of the show itself, and other information (such as whether we want to do this podcast live then make it available for download, or just pre-record it).

 But when we get this podcast together, we hope it will be a great one and help the newbie/teenage furries out in any way it can! :D

~ Kuvera

P.S. If there are any furries/viewers who are in need of advice or may want to help take part in a segment, then give us an email either named "In Need of Advice: *advice topic*" or "Podcast Segment Participation: *chosen segment*". Please note that we will review the Segment Participation emails and will contact you if your request is accepted or if we just don't need/cannot fit it into the podcast. Later!



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